About BI2 Technologies

BI² Technologies (Biometric Intelligence and Identification Technologies) is an award-winning and recognized leader in the development and implementation of cost-effective, multimodal biometric identity management solutions.

BI² Technologies was formed in 2005 based on the founders’ core belief that “Good Works are Good Business”. BI² Technologies’ first iris biometric solutions – The Child Project™ and Senior Safety Net™ – were created to help protect and identify missing children and seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s, as well as improving public safety.

BI² Technologies’ created and maintains the only national, web-based iris biometric network and database. No other organization, public or private, has developed or implemented this capability.

With the endorsement and support of the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA), more than 2,100 of the nation’s 3,000 Sheriffs have asked to join the network. BI² Technologies’ innovative, interoperable and easily integrated biometric technologies and solutions are already improving public safety in law enforcement agencies in forty-seven (47) states.

BI² Technologies™ is a privately held Massachusetts corporation located in America's hometown, Plymouth, Massachusetts.