BI² Technologies offers value to:

The Public

The Company’s Child Project technology provides the public with a first-of-its-kind national repository of biometric identification data on missing children and adults. It also provides an added measure of security by providing a tool to identify and track individuals in custody and prevent accidental release of inmates due to misidentification.

Law Enforcement & Advocacy Groups

The Company’s technology enables law enforcement, education, social, health, and advocacy agencies to enroll, locate and positively identify missing children and adults, as well as track individuals in custody by law enforcement agencies.

Public and Higher Education

There is a growing interest among education professionals to utilize iris biometric technology for access into their facilities. For example BI² is about to undertake a pilot project with the Massachusetts Maritime Academy to install the technology on its training ship.

Community Health Care

Community health care centers have seen an increased need for biometric identification technology. The targeted demographic in this group includes seniors, especially those suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease, as well as adolescent children in youth services such as foster care.

Manufacturing and Commercial Organizations

The Iscientia™ system significantly reduces manufacturing and commercial factory and plant costs by enrolling, identifying, verifying and providing critical knowledge, data and information on current and prospective employees to human resource professionals in seconds using BI² Technologies’ Iscientia™ solution. The Iscientia™ iris biometric system can be easily integrated with any HR software.